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Social Media is Broken

Traditional social media heavily profits from creators while seeing them as disposable assets. Creators are subject to the whims of centralized companies, whose rules are always changing and whose algorithms are unpredictable. These companies have the power to delete creators' accounts overnight, effectively ending their sources of revenue. However, the platform doesn't adequately commend them for their work.

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The right combination of Web3 and a succesful Social Media Platform might be effectively seen as a doorway to a decentralized future. It returns ownership to the real owners, which are the people, and takes away the influence that web 2.0 tech giants have over our content and data. Users are no longer a product with web3, they instead have the right to their data and the ability to use it to support the social media platform.

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Our Governance Token

Simple, Yet Effective Tokenomics

  • Blockchain: Ethereum

    Total Supply: 1 Billion Chirp Tokens

    Initial LP: 1 ETH

    Buy/Sell Tax: 5%

    Renounced and LP Lock links provided at Launch


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Democratizing social media, one Chirp at a time. Chirp is a future 360-degree social network merged with blockchain techonolgy.